Source code for lca_writer.scripts

import sys
from argparse import ArgumentParser

__all__ = ['LCAWriterArgParser']

[docs]class LCAWriterArgParser(ArgumentParser): """ Command line argument parser for `lca_writer` script. .. code-block:: none """ def __init__(self): ArgumentParser.__init__(self, prog='lca_writer') self.add_argument('lca_forms', nargs='*', help='Excel LCA form paths.' ) self.add_argument('-t', '--template', nargs='?', help='Path to save the Excel form template (optional).', default=None ) self.add_argument('-v', '--version', nargs='?', help='LCA file version to write.', default='12.2' ) @staticmethod def _doc_string(): """Returns a doc string with the usage and help formats included.""" s = LCAWriterArgParser() s = s.format_help() s = '\n\t'.join(s.split('\n')) return LCAWriterArgParser.__doc__ + '\n\t' + s + '\n\n'
if sys.version_info[0] >= 3: LCAWriterArgParser.__doc__ = LCAWriterArgParser._doc_string()